Braces & crutches

Whether you need these types of items for everyday life, or just for sports injuries, we can get it for you. Our pharmacy in Townsend, Montana carries a wide variety of medical devices.

Birth control

From "the pill" to condoms, we have what you need for safe sex at Townsend Drug and Spirits.

Sugar-Free Products

We carry a variety of sugar-free products for people with diabetes and prediabetes. Even if you're not suffering from this disease, you may just want to wipe out sugar; your local pharmacy can help.


On the liquor store side of the store we carry all types of beer, wine, and spirits. Whether you're hosting a party, need a gift, of just want a bottle to relax after a hard day; we have you covered!

Medication synchronization

Stop managing multiple refill dates. Get all of your medicines refilled on the same day. 30 and 90-day refills available at your local pharmacy.


Stop wasting time! We’ll bring your prescriptions to your door. Unless you have other shopping to do, you don't even have to come into the pharmacy in Townsend, Montana.

Vitamins & supplements

We carry a complete line of high quality vitamins and supplements to help you be your healthiest. Townsend Drug and Spirits is a great pharmacy in Townsend; providing everything that you need.

Specialty medications

We provide specialty medications for a variety of complex health conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and more.

Smoking cessation

Get help quitting smoking with these products and services. At Townsend Drug and Spirits, we know that being healthy takes a little boost sometimes.

Refill reminder services

Get refill reminder notifications sent directly to your phone or email, or on our app. Your pharmacy is up-to-date with technology; we keep up with you.

Pet medications

Fill your furry family member’s prescriptions from your vet at our pharmacy. Here in Townsend we don't have a ton of options, so we take care of all members of the family.

Over-the-counter medications

We carry medicines and supplements to treat a variety of aches and pains, including allergies, headaches, diarrhea, fever, and more. Brand names such as Tylenol and Advil, as well as their generic equivalents.

Naloxone dispensing

If you take prescription opioids (narcotics), you can get naloxone from us without a prescription to reverse a potential accidental overdose. It's a way our pharmacy in Townsend can help you.

Medication therapy reviews & management

Taking multiple medications and supplements means they may interact negatively – from terrible side effects to dangerous drug combinations. We’ll review your medications to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

Medication disposal

Help prevent prescription drug abuse by getting rid of your unused medications – for free! – at the Sheriff's Office just down the street.

Medicare Part D reviews & enrollment assistance

We’ll help you review all of the plans available to you and help you make an informed choice when it comes to enrolling in Medicare Part D.

Biometric screenings

Get your height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood glucose measured at Townsend Drug and Spirits

Blood pressure checks

Come on in and get a free blood pressure check! Your favorite Townsend pharmacy will help to ensure that you are healthy, and offer recommendations if things aren't in line.

Bubble packs

Stop keeping track of what you should take when – we’ll put all the medicines you need to take at a time in an easy-to-open bubble pack! 30-day and 90-day packaging available!

Compression stockings & hosiery

Maintain blood flow and decrease swelling in your legs. Compression stockings from Townsend Drug and Spirits will help to prevent blood clots from forming.

Emergency contraception

If you’ve had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours and want to prevent pregnancy, we carry Plan B. Your Townsend pharmacy offers this and more birth control options.

Equipment rental

Rent crutches and other types of equipment for injury and surgery recoveries. At our pharmacy in Townsend, we carry a variety of equipment and have what you need for a speedy recovery!

First aid

From Band-Aid® bandages to Neosporin and First Aid kits, we’ll help you make sure your medicine cabinets are stocked with the most important items.


Pick up a unique gift for your friend or family member from us – a locally owned retailer! Our pharmacy in Townsend, Montana stocks a number of unique items.

Home care equipment

We carry – and can typically get within 1-2 business days – home care equipment such as raised toilet seats and shower chairs. Swing on by the pharmacy and we can help you get what you need.

Hometown Asthma Care

Decrease your asthma supply costs and get help managing your disease and medications. Currently only available to Montana State Plan participants and dependents.

Hometown Diabetes Care

Decrease your diabetes supply costs and get help managing your disease and medications. Currently only available to Montana State Plan participants and dependents.

Medication flavoring

Stop wrestling with your little ones to get them to take their medication – we’ll make them taste good! Here at your Townsend pharmacy, we make sure being healthy isn't yucky.

Office & school supplies

From pens and pencils to notebooks and printer paper, we carry a variety of office and school supplies! We are a pharmacy, but we provide a huge variety of goods that you need.


Get the perfect card for your friends and loved ones. From birthdays to anniversaries, and any occasion in between: your pharmacy in Townsend Montana carries them!

Snacks & Candy

Grab a quick snack or treat for your next outing or holiday. If you need a quick bite, you can find it at the best pharmacy in Townsend.

Montana Gifts

Get unique, locally-crafted Montana gifts here! No need to drive all over, your local Townsend pharmacy has a huge variety of great gifts for everyone on your list.


Wine connoisseurs rejoice! We offer a wide variety of white, red, and sparkling wines. Relax after a hard day, or bring the best to your next party; Townsend Drug and Spirits has what you need.